SmartieSibling Exploration (use code SIBLING50 to get 50% off the second sibling)

Wednesdays 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

September 27th - December 6th

SIGN UP / LOG IN TO CONTINUE Class fee: $330 + HST Age group: Babies & Toddlers up to 4 years

SmartieSibling Exploration is the perfect class for families after school! Babies & toddlers up to 4 years will have a blast!  The children explore the various play centres at Smartiepants. A themed craft and play dough time is a must! We then gather together for a short music circle time! We shake & dance and end with a light show, parachute & bubbles. A great program that will allow kids to get their energy our before dinner!

*Every family must be accompanied by 1 parent/caregiver

*If you are signing up siblings, please check out TWICE!
*While checking out the the second sibling, please use code SIBLING50 to get 50% off the second sibling
(if you don’t use the code, we will reimburse you later!)
Code only valid if signing up siblings, cannot use it with just 1 child

Session Info


  • Capacity inside Smartiepants will be 12 kids, capacity inside SmartieGym will be 15 kids
  • Children may be allowed to bring an allergen-free snack & water to class (age/class dependent)
  • Commercial grade HEPA-Filters will be running all day


  • Smartiepants/SmartieGym reserves the right to cancel a program due to insufficient enrolment (you will receive a full refund)
  • If the session/pro-rated classes are cancelled due to a government-mandated shut down – Smartiepants/SmartieGym will offer you alternative programming in lieu of classes or will provide credit options
  • If your child is absent from a class, we are unable to provide makeup classes or credits/refunds – Up to 1 free drop-in per session, per child may be offered at our discretion
  • There is some free and some paid street parking surrounding each location; GreenP Location ID’s: Smartiepants: 6130, SmartieGym: 6102 or 6143
  • Strollers are to be parked outside of Smartiepants/SmartieGym – feel free to bring a stroller lock in order to lock your stroller to the bike rack. Smartiepants/SmartieGym is not responsible for any loss or theft of items left outside