SmartieFit & Yoga

Wednesdays 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

September 22nd - December 8th

Class fee: $323 +HST Age group: 2 - 3 years

SmartieFit & Yoga is a specialized program that focuses on both physical fitness & yoga…for toddlers! We start the class with some time to explore SmartieGym & then we will take the children through various age-appropriate athletic activities, obstacle courses and yoga flows – all in an imaginative and creative way! All classes will incorporate themes, games, songs, stories and relaxation/mindfulness routines. SmartieFit & Yoga is not competitive, as we focus on collaboration and teamwork in the process of strengthening independent skills. Come find your flow at SmartieGym! *This class is geared towards slightly older toddlers – but is still accompanied by parent/caregiver*

Class Location


368 Eglinton Avenue West

Fall Session Info


  • Everyone 12yrs+ will need to show proof of double vaccination (PDF of Vaccine Slips) before entering Smartiepants or SmartieGym
  • All Smartiepants/SmartieGym Staff are double vaccinated and will complete self-assessments prior to starting work each day
  • Capacity inside Smartiepants will be 8 kids, capacity inside SmartieGym will be 10 kids – for our youngest baby classes (4-9mo) we may have 1-2 babes more per class¬† (each child may only bring 1 adult to accompany them)
  • All adults and children will have their temperature taken & must have filled out the self-assessment/contact tracing form before entering
  • All adults and children over 3 years of age will be required to wear a mask indoors
  • All children under 3 will not be required to wear a mask, but may do so if preferred
  • Adults cannot eat inside and can take short water breaks as necessary
  • All children will be allowed to bring an allergen-free snack & water to class (age-dependent)
  • Commercial grade HEPA-Filter will be on throughout the whole day to help purify the air
  • Please do not come to class if you or your child are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 (runny nose, sore throat, cough etc)
  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19, please let us know as soon as possible so we can begin our contact tracing protocols


  • Smartiepants/SmartieGym reserves the right to cancel a program due to low enrolment (you will receive a full refund)
  • If the session/pro-rated classes are cancelled due to a government-mandated shut down – Smartiepants/SmartieGym will offer you alternative programming in lieu of classes or will provide credit/refund options (classes already completed will be non-refundable)
  • There is some free and some paid street parking; Green P Free Parking ‘CROSSTOWN’ Code¬† – Smartiepants ID: 6130, SmartieGym ID: 6102
  • Strollers may be parked outside of Smartiepants/SmartieGym – feel free to bring a stroller lock in order to lock your stroller to the bike rack. Smartiepants/SmartieGym is not responsible for any loss or theft of items left outside
  • If your child is absent from a class, we will not provide makeup classes or credits/refund