FF Cedarvale x Smartiepants Program - Thursday Afternoon - SmartieScientists

Thursdays 2:45 pm-3:45 pm

September 21st - November 23rd

SIGN UP / LOG IN TO CONTINUE Class fee: $399 + HST Age group: Geared to nursery

Welcome to the SmartieLaboratory… where the SmartieScientists will put on their lab coat & goggles and get to work! This is a specialized class for kids in nursery at First Foundations. The scientists participate in 2-3 experiments/crafts each week. Based on a theme, the children will investigate new materials, learn about new concepts and have tons of fun! We will add in some Enrichment program activities based on readiness (e.g. letter of the week sheets and focus on letter formation).

DROP-OFF PROGRAM LOCATED AT FIRST FOUNDATIONS (child will be picked up from their classroom and brought straight to new class for Scientists program & child will be picked up by parent/caregiver from classroom at 3:45pm by entering First Foundations front door)


Session Info


  • Capacity inside Smartiepants will be 12 kids, capacity inside SmartieGym will be 15 kids
  • Children may be allowed to bring an allergen-free snack & water to class (age/class dependent)
  • Commercial grade HEPA-Filters will be running all day


  • Smartiepants/SmartieGym reserves the right to cancel a program due to insufficient enrolment (you will receive a full refund)
  • If the session/pro-rated classes are cancelled due to a government-mandated shut down – Smartiepants/SmartieGym will offer you alternative programming in lieu of classes or will provide credit options
  • If your child is absent from a class, we are unable to provide makeup classes or credits/refunds – Up to 1 free drop-in per session, per child may be offered at our discretion
  • There is some free and some paid street parking surrounding each location; GreenP Location ID’s: Smartiepants: 6130, SmartieGym: 6102 or 6143
  • Strollers are to be parked outside of Smartiepants/SmartieGym – feel free to bring a stroller lock in order to lock your stroller to the bike rack. Smartiepants/SmartieGym is not responsible for any loss or theft of items left outside