Smartiepants Baby Virtual Classes

Baby Shark…

Monday February 1

12:00 pm EST

$9.99 An email will be sent to you to access the class shortly before it begins!
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02/01/21 12:00 pm America/Toronto Baby Shark…

Smartiepants Baby is a program that offers stimulating activities and bonding between you and your little babe. Each week we make sure to ‘Shake it at Smartiepants’- and rotate exploring other instruments & objects such as drums, balls, mirrors, pianos & scarves. Our song lists include children’s classics, themed-week songs & Smartiepants exclusives. We always end the class with parachute, a light show and bubble time! Don’t want your young babe having screen time? No problem – use our class as a guide and engage with your child with his/her back to the screen!

Materials List
  • shakers
  • scarves
  • any fish toys you have
  • parachute/towel
  • bubbles
  • OPTIONAL: print PDF as props to show your child during the class
  • Ideas for Sensory Play (10mo+): shallow tray of water, large sponge, styrofoam cup with holes on the bottom or small strainer, any bath toys that go in water
Smartiepants Baby Virtual Classes

Baby Shark…

In This Class
  1. Smartiepants Train
  2. Finger plays
  3. Shakers
  4. Scarves & Under the Sea Songs
  5. Parachute & Lights
  6. Bubbles
  7. Optional Sensory Play

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