Smartiepants Baby Virtual Classes

Let’s Make a Rainbow!

Monday March 15

12:00 pm EST

$9.99 An email will be sent to you to access the class shortly before it begins!
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03/15/21 12:00 pm America/Toronto Let’s Make a Rainbow!

Smartiepants Baby is a program that offers stimulating activities and bonding between you and your little babe. Each week we make sure to ‘Shake it at Smartiepants’- and rotate exploring other instruments & objects such as drums, balls, mirrors, pianos & scarves. Our song lists include children’s classics, themed-week songs & Smartiepants exclusives. We always end the class with parachute, a light show and bubble time! Don’t want your young babe having screen time? No problem – use our class as a guide and engage with your child with his/her back to the screen!

Materials List
  • shakers
  • optional: puppet show (animals, frog, spider)
  • parachute/towel
  • bubbles
Smartiepants Baby Virtual Classes

Let’s Make a Rainbow!

In This Class
  1. Smartiepants Train
  2. Finger plays
  3. Puppet Show
  4. Shakers
  5. Parachute & Lights
  6. Bubbles

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